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Terminator Car

You are busy driving a car, and the road to your final destination is full of traffic. You have limited time before your clients will ask someone else to do the job, and if that happens, your hardly earned reputation will be lost. They would spread the information that you can not do the job, and other clients would refuse to cooperate with you as well. Make sure that this will not happen, and make sure that the job will be done properly. Traffic is an issue, but your car is armed with weapons including side rockets. You know what must be done. Get rid of all civilians driving their cars, and transport important documents in your car trunk safely to the investors. Collect gold coins, and buy new cars or weapon upgrades for your current one. In order to successfully use rockets, you have to buy both weapon and ammo. If you have just ammo without weapon, you will not be able to use rockets during your ride! Have fun.


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