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City Car Driving Simulator 3

Night is setting upon the city, the best time to run a series of crazy illegal races in the streets! Everyone is taking part, unfortunately, police patrols, too... They do not like the fact that somebody is breaking the rules, but would it be fun otherwise? Tuned sports cars, roaring engines, top-notch performance parts... Proper driving gameplay! Before you go out into the streets to provoke local residents, try to take a look into the garage, where you will be amazed by the amount of available tuning, which could be compared with games from Need For Speed ​​series. Once you have chosen your dream car, you just have to choose the right game mode. You can just roam freely and discover the beauty of the city, or try out much more challenging missions for which you will get a cash reward, which you can use in the garage to buy new car parts. You can enter following modes: Pursuit, Survival, Traiblazer, and Getaway, each with unique gameplay, so be sure to try them all! Have fun.


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