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God simulator

The best free strategy game about religion! Top-end god simulator in the popular sandbox strategy genre. Become a God! Unite the whole world with one faith! Create your own unique religion! FEATURES: OFFLINE STRATEGY GAME Play our strategy game of God & religion simulator in offline mode, without the Internet. EXCELLENT GRAPHICS Divine graphics with a beautiful & thoughtful interface. SIMULATOR GAMEPLAY Gameplay for relaxing in the evening: collect points of faith with a click and learn religious aspects. Enjoy the game of God! START YOUR WAY Choose your country which will begin the ascent your religion. Get Enlightenment Points & grow. PREPARE FOR CHALLENGES Acquire various abilities from various ways of distribution to divine miracles. Adapt to the different countries, developments and challenges of the time. CONQUER THE WHOLE WORLD Think like a strategist, develop strategies, count your every move, think over the tactics of spreading religion around the world and conquer it! PLAY LIKE GOD Create your own unique religion. Check how she meets the challenges of the times, and whether she can resist the pressure of tests and bring humanity to unity. BUILD CIVILIZATION Play for civilization & gods! Create a virtual civilization and help it exist on the planet. Go from one civilization to another. Discover the ancient world, discover the Middle Ages and the modern world! KEEP ALL UNDER CONTROL Severity and fanaticism can lead to the resistance of unbelieving rebels. They can frustrate all your plans and have to fight with him.


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