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Drift Z

The city is covered by darkness. The dawn is nowhere in sight, and you are slowly figuring out, that this is not such an ordinary night. Your engine is not only one loud sound echoing around, yes, the other voices - which you are horrified listening right now - bloodthirsty zombies are! Start your engine and go forward to the biggest killing adventure of your life. Once you encounter them, change all your existing thoughts and begin to be a carefull guy and a sadistic maniak in the same time. Your goal is kill all those furious zombies by your ride sooner than they appear in a bigger number. Killing them will be destroying your car, so try to hit them always cleverly by a side or back part of your car, where it usually does lower damage. To be able fix your car inside a service with green illumination, you must have at least 30 killed zombies on your account. Drift like a pro, make tires burn, and try to kill the biggest possible number of zombies to listed your name on the list of the biggest zombie killers! Have fun.


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